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Image by Kaileen Fitzpatrick
Wood Bridge Walking


Mazie's retreats are designed to be a harmonious blend of yoga, meditation, hiking, workshops, and nourishing meals.  By embracing this holistic experience, you’ll feel revitalized, inspired, and equipped with the knowledge and tools to continue your health journey confidently long after the retreat ends.


Rise and Move

...with a gentle yoga session taking in the salt air and sunshine led by your host, Mazie Hollenbaugh.  Before finishing transition into a calming meditation session, where you’ll be guided to quiet your mind, cultivate peace, and embrace a sense of presence and mindfulness to carry you throughout your day.


Engage in an empowering workshop tailored to the group. Learn about holistic nutrition and how to make mindful choices for optimal health.  Discover the benefits of organic eating, explore superfoods, and gain practical tips for meal planning, ingredient sourcing, and food preparation.


6:30 Gather for a memorable and delectable food demonstration and sip clean crafted and organic wines. This is a time to learn a new culinary skill or sit back and enjoy happy hour.

7:00 Enjoy a farm-to-table dinner featuring locally caught seafood, organic vegetables, and carefully created sides bursting with local flavors while sharing conversation with fellow retreat participants.


8:00 Wind down the day with either a Yin or Restorative Yoga session designed to promote deep rest and relaxation or enjoy an event with a guest host for an entertaining event.  Events can include local comedians, sound bowl healing, belly dancing, or Tarot card readings… each retreat is unique.

Healthy Breakfast

Indulge in a delicious and nourishing breakfast showcasing local and organic ingredients. Savor colorful fruit salad, gluten-free granola, and as always dairy-free options and freshly baked bread/pastries, and a selection of herbal teas and locally roasted coffee.

Mid-Day Break

The afternoons are for self-care, adventure, and relaxing.  Depending on the location, participants can indulge in a spa treatment, go on a local tour or simply relax with a book by the pool. We will meet back at the retreat house at 6 pm to start our evening events.

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