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sedona mountain top silhouette.png

May 2 to 6, 2024

If you're a woman who is too freakin busy and you're ready to jump off the hectic treadmill, embrace your worthiness, and get crystal clear on what's most important to you, then join me for this powerful retreat where you'll connect with other amazing women and your wisest self and leave with a fierce conviction to THRIVE.

Wild Hearts Rising

Women's Retreat To Replenish,

Connect, & Thrive

Say Heck Yeah to Yourself!

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You’ll experience guided visualizations, thought-provoking journal prompts, and intentional silence where you’ll hear the whispers of your inner truth and connect with your wisest self. You will be crystal clear on what’s a HECK YEAH in your life.

Daily Yoga, naps in a lounger, and rejuvenating dips in the saltwater pool will allow you to rest and recharge so you leave feeling grounded, present, and inspired to integrate all of this yumminess at home.

Healthy Adventure

You reflect on the journey you co-created - the depth of sharing, the sweetness of your newfound connections, and the fullness of having replenished your body and soul. You feel a deep knowing in your bones that the new ideas, skills, and visions will help you create the life of your wildest dreams. Your commitment is fierce and you trust that this transformational experience is part of you now.

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Engage in an empowering conversation tailored to the group. Learn about holistic nutrition and how to make mindful choices for optimal health.  Discover the benefits of making good -better & best food chocies, and gain practical tips. Mazie will be available for 1:1 to talk about your nutrition challenges and goals.

Infused with Bliss

The Sedona desert air will infuse you with BLISS! Each glorious day will include powerful group coaching and experiential learning, where you’ll learn tools to prioritize yourself so your name shows up at the top of the priority list. It’s finally time for YOU!

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Image by Kelsey Knight
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Evenings to
Gather & Reflect

Immerse yourself in stunning nature. We will show you how to embrace your Enoughness so you can finally feel worthy just as you are. How amazing is that?

Enjoy local sourced meals bursting with local flavors! Enjoy conversation with fellow retreat participants.


At the end of the day you can unwind. Try a Yin or Restorative Yoga session designed to promote deep rest and relaxation

The full service boutique resort has planned nightly entertainment and events. You will not be bored!

Feel like a slower pace? Enjoy panoramic Sunset Vistas and hot tubs to soak your weary post-hike muscles. 

Each retreat is unique. Join us for the spring 2024 Wild Hearts Rising Women's Retreat!

Meet Your Host

Mazie Hollenbaugh

An experienced Yoga Alliance teacher trainer focused on Hatha-based trauma-sensitive yoga. A world traveler and retreat leader. Focused on coaching women to achieve their health goals using nutrition, mindfulness, and movement.


Mazie has been passionate about helping women live their best lives for as long as she can remember. “The key to a healthy and happy life is a combination of good nutrition, mindfulness, and movement.” is her mantra. 

Dedicated to her career. Mazie has helped women achieve their health and wellness goals for the past 12 years. 

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Get To Know

Jennifer Young

Jennifer has been working in the field of human development for over 35 years in a myriad of leadership roles.  She has trained individuals, employees, and leaders in various businesses and not-for-profit organizations. She is skilled in business development and team building. While she now owns WISER Women Inner Strengths Events & Retreats, what brings her the most joy is spending time with her grandkids and bringing women together in community at retreats and events. She also loves to help women see themselves as the Superheroes they are, by teaching them about their Inner Strengths so they can thrive and live a more fulfilled life.

Jennifer will be teaching the Inner Strengths Workshop.

Inner Strengths Workshop

Get ready for an interactive workshop that will change how you approach your life at home and at work.  Together, we will learn how activating your strengths instead of worrying about your preceived shortcomings will allow you to live a more fufilled and meaningful life! 

In this workshop:

  • Identify your inner strengths

  • Explore the meanings of your strengths

  • Learn how to begin activating these strengths for growth in all areas of your life

  • Flip the script on "weaknesses"

Desert Trees


Explore quirky boutiques, breezy cantinas, and farm-to-table bistros. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty, positive energy and artsy vibe of Arizona’s high desert – a place where imagination soars.

Accentuated by impeccable grounds and the surrounding  Red Rock Country, our rooms  and suites reflect the beauty    and serenity of Sedona.

Custom Southwestern interior design takes the iconic red rock landscape and brings it indoors. 


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Pricing for your desert oasis

King with a View and Balcony.png


Luxury linens, comfortable, and spacious, our retreat resort has an array of rooms and suites.  All rooms have been designed to pamper and provide the best guest experience possible. Plus, the rooms’ unique design invites you to enjoy Sedona’s beauty and

the great outdoors.

Why Should You Sign Up?

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